SARABELLA Cosmetics Shoot

Whew-wee! It’s been a couple of weeks since this shoot, but it’s been under wraps since I’ve been working on retouching the images and getting some of the photos ready for editorial submission. The remainder of the images I’ve elected to go through and share with you all today! Kind of a bit like a behind-the-scenes set of photos, no? […]

Zach’s photo shoot in the Art District

Through the magic of Craigslist, I had the pleasure of shooting Zach recently. Zach is looking to get back into modeling and needed some new portraits for his portfolio. It’s always a good idea to have recent photos to submit to agencies. So off to Los Angeles’ Arts District we went! I should note, that since Zach was taking these […]

Jen and Ryan’s 10-year-anniversary-of-their-engagement!

  My good friends, Jen and Ryan, let me take some photos of them. While we were getting started, I asked if we could make up an occasion for the photos, since they didn’t really decide on one before the shoot. Some shoots are specifically for¬†engagement, or their wedding, or christmas card photos, etc… Ryan mentioned that they were celebrating […]