Jen and Ryan’s 10-year-anniversary-of-their-engagement!


My good friends, Jen and Ryan, let me take some photos of them. While we were getting started, I asked if we could make up an occasion for the photos, since they didn’t really decide on one before the shoot. Some shoots are specifically for engagement, or their wedding, or christmas card photos, etc… Ryan mentioned that they were celebrating 10-years since they were engaged. Hence, I present to you: Jen and Ryan’s 10-year-anniversary-of-their-engagement Photos!

Just like engagement photos, only with subjects 10-years wiser and 10-years more deeply in love.

We were fortunate to be able to take these photos on the campus of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), in Pasadena, California. Their campus is beautiful and has a wonderful array of water features, plantings, and of course, architecture. I’m going to share with you all a few of my favorite photos. See their whole album here.


This first photo I love for the geometric lines created by the building and the shadows of the columns. Putting this into black and white I think really emphasizes these features. We were very fortunate to have great lighting the entire time we were there taking photos.


Jen and Ryan were very easy to pose. It helped a that they’d been together for so long! I love the intimacy of this pose and the smiles on their faces.


I think the right word for this next photo is: unexpected. After a quick wardrobe change for Jen, we went to this bridge on Caltech’s campus. When we got to the bridge, there was this line of light from the setting sun that was like a spotlight on the scene. I had Jen and Ryan adjust themselves just so–to highlight themselves–and that provided a nice reflection in the water below. I’m impressed at how well the photo came out.


Another great shot. I just loved the warmth and love these two showed throughout their shoot. Of course, some ample backlighting and a touch of a lens flare adds some interest to this shot.


Towards the end of our shoot, the sun was setting and we were left with this wonderfully soft light. After walking over to this arched exterior hallway, I had Jen and Ryan sit on this bench. What a great shot of a beautiful couple.

Check out the rest of the photos from Jen and Ryan’s photo shoot at their gallery!

3 thoughts on “Jen and Ryan’s 10-year-anniversary-of-their-engagement!

  1. Thank you for capturing our love so perfectly, Robert. You are a gifted photographer and we were honored to have you capture 10 years of our love. Thank you so much!

    1. Jen:

      So glad you like the photos! I think they came out beautifully too. You’ll like seeing the whole batch. 🙂


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