Zach’s photo shoot in the Art District

Through the magic of Craigslist, I had the pleasure of shooting Zach recently. Zach is looking to get back into modeling and needed some new portraits for his portfolio. It’s always a good idea to have recent photos to submit to agencies. So off to Los Angeles’ Arts District we went! I should note, that since Zach was taking these for a modeling photoshoot, he’s going for a more serious look to the photos. See more photos by going to his gallery here.

Our shoot was last Monday and by scheduling it in the evening, we were able to work around work schedules and capture the warmth of a setting sun.


The above photo is one I really like. I love the juxtaposition of the hard brick against the green vines. A nearby tree softened and mottled the light over Zach.


This above one is another one I like. There’s power in the hand. Also, the arts district’s many murals make for great backdrops to a portrait session.


I always love a good backlight from the sun.


The above photo is one of those rare ones that wasn’t posed, at least not intentionally. The texture and colors in the wall really let Zach stand out in this colorful photo.


Ended the shoot on a close-up.

Had a great shoot with Zach and I wish him the best of luck in building his modeling career! He was great to shoot with and I think we were able to get some beautiful photos.

All of the photos shown here were touched up to some degree in post-production. Look for a coming blog post where I show some of the steps I take to elevate your photos from great to amazing!