SARABELLA Cosmetics Shoot

Whew-wee! It’s been a couple of weeks since this shoot, but it’s been under wraps since I’ve been working on retouching the images and getting some of the photos ready for editorial submission. The remainder of the images I’ve elected to go through and share with you all today! Kind of a bit like a behind-the-scenes set of photos, no?

So there are actually two sets from this shoot. One featuring our freelance model, Kei’la Ryan, and another featuring the lovely Woman A. In this blog post I’ll share the photos from Kei’la’s and then in a few days I’ll exhibit the ones from Woman A.

Let’s get going, shall we?!

Kei’la Ryan @kei_laryan¬†modeling lipsticks available from SARABELLA Cosmetics¬†

Look 1, featuring “Main Chick” from SARABELLA Cosmetics


Look 2, featuring “Gone Brunching” from SARABELLA Cosmetics


Look 3, featuring “Weekend Vibes” from SARABELLA Cosmetics


Look 4, featuring “Weekend Vibes” from SARABELLA Cosmetics


That’s all for now! I’ll be posting the other ones in a few days and I have another shoot to toss up online some time after that, so stay tuned!